Gluten Free Expo – Atlanta Nourished Festival

Recently the Güten Beer team attended the Nourished Festival, hosted in Atlanta, Georgia! The largest specialty diet consumer event, The Nourished Festival, travels to 10 cities every year. Each expo consists of zones: gluten free, nut free, paleo, keto, and plant based! A multitude of different gluten free, allergy, and specialty diet food, drink, and product options were available!

Gluten Free Expo Set Up

Nourished Festival – Gluten Free Expo Attendees

We loved having the opportunity to attend the Nourished Festival two years in a row. Due to Güten Beer being an Atlanta based specialty beer, we fit right in with the consumers. Participating in the expo, there were a multitude of individuals with Celiac Disease. Naturally, a multitude of these individuals experienced beer for the FIRST time by consuming our sample. We had the opportunity to cross paths with many individuals who said, “I’ve never tried beer,” or “I haven’t had beer in ten years!”

Gluten Removed Beer Process

The brewing process of a gluten-removed beer is a lengthy one. Gluten-removed beer is initially brewed with wheat, barley, or rye to ferment and make the beer. Soon after this process, it will go through a process to remove the gluten. Enzymes then must be used to break down the gluten into smaller fragments. Ideally, this process allows an individual to consume it without inducing an immune response. Finally, this process leads to a gluten-removed beer.

How We Are Different

However, Güten Beer does not fit in with this criteria. We are proud to introduce our beer to individuals as a 100% gluten free beer! Brewed with buckwheat, millet, sorghum, and hops, Güten Beer does not put individuals with a gluten intolerance at risk! It was an honor to serve and meet so many health-conscious individuals. We are already looking forward to participating again next year! Check out the Nourished Festival schedule to see when they will be in your city!