Man, traveling gluten-free, in a red shirt sitting on the ledge of a canyon looking out over a river.

Traveling Gluten-Free: 10 Tips to Make Your Eating Easy

For most people, traveling is just another excuse to eat like s***.  So when you’re the only one in a group eating gluten-free, mealtime can get a little stressful. Luckily, there are some easy tips you can use to ease your mind while you’re traveling gluten-free!

1. Prepare

  • Do some research before you head out. Call your hotel to see if it has a mini fridge or a microwave and check out the local restaurants so you can plan accordingly.

2. Snacks are King

  • Bring non-perishable, easy to carry foods with you wherever you go.
    • Ex: Dried fruits, protein bars, nuts, jerky, ect.
    • You can generally find these snack items in any convenience store or gas station. Just make sure you double check the label!

3. Speak Up

  • When mealtime rolls around, make your eating habits known! Most people will put effort into making sure they go somewhere with gluten-free options.

4. Lettuce Wraps

  • Need we say more? Anything that generally has a bun, you can lettuce wrap.
    • Getting burgers? Lettuce wrap!
    • Tacos? Lettuce wrap!
    • Subs? Lettuce wrap!

5. Apps

  • Living in the 21st century has its perks. One of them is the apps available specifically dedicated to finding restaurants with gluten-free options.

6. Hot Bars

  • Maybe you’re on the go and looking for a quick, healthy, gluten-free lunch option. Look up grocery stores with a prepared food section. These generally have an array of options with a complete ingredient list out in the open.

7. Gluten-Free Menus

  • Even if you don’t see a gluten-free menu, it’s worth asking the waiter. You’d be surprised at how accommodating most places are.

8. When You’re Out and in Doubt

  • Maybe you get to a restaurant and the waiter doesn’t seem too confident when he says “Yes, I THINK the mashed potatoes are gluten-free.” Do everyone a favor and order a baked potato instead. When you’re not sure about something, stick to whole, fresh, naturally gluten-free foods.

9. Travel Sized Condiments

  • As we know, a lot of condiments contain gluten. For some, condiments can make or break the meal. Lucky, travel-sized condiments are easy to carry and easy to acquire. Check out this link for all the travel-sized condiments you could possibly need!

10. Be Flexible and Stay Relaxed

  • You’re traveling. You’re on an adventure. Don’t let your gluten sensitivity take up too much of your energy. No matter where you end up, you’ll read some labels, you’ll ask some questions, and you’ll figure it out. Enjoy your trip!